Types of nebulized steroids

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One of the potential downsides to seeing intranasal drug delivery achieve its real therapeutic potential (use by pay public and BLS provides in time dependent emergencies such as seizures and opiate overdose) has been the need to draw up the proper dose of a drug into a syringe.  While this is a routine task for experienced medical providers, it adds a difficult step for less experienced personnel and may be just difficult enough that they prefer to use less effective methods such as rectal or buccal medications. However - that problem is easily solved if the drug is purchased prepackaged in a graduated syringe that can attach to an atomizer. The dose is easily determined by the graduations. In situations such as home use of midazolam or lorazepam for seizures where the entire volume might not be appropriate, the syringe can have a indelible mark or piece of tape applied by the clinician or pharmacy at the appropriate dosage so the parent/provider knows how much to give. Just be sure to purchase the proper dosing (concentrated).

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Types of nebulized steroids

types of nebulized steroids


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