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Trenbolone is rated as one of the most potent anabolic steroids available today, insane strength gains over a short period are easily accomplished when using Trenbolone, even at low dosages. Trenbolone is a derivative of Nandrolone, and as with Deca Durabolin , it is a 19-nor compound anabolic steroid. Steroids in the 19-nor family have an alteration at the 19th carbon of its chemical structure. These alterations to Trenbolones chemical structure are the reason for its incredible strength and muscle building properties, compared to Testosterone , Trenbolone has an Anabolic rating of 500 and Androgenic rating of 500, which is five times higher than Testosterone.

Thanks to the East Germans and their meticulous record keeping the exceptional performance enhancing effects of Turinabol are laid bare. To illustrate, a female shot putter with 14 years of prior clean training under her belt began her first doping program with three cycles of Turinabol over the season which consisted of between 5-15mg per day. Before she embarked on her doping regime she had a reasonable personal best performance of a little under 18m, but after her three Turinabol cycles she broke the world record with a throw of , a giant gain for someone who was already at the cusp of her genetic potential ! Records show she was administered increased dosages after this, working up to 35mg per day, which enabled her to exceed her previous best and throw . Of interest, even long after she ceased her doping program she still had a throw that was roughly one meter further than her previous clean best, indicating that doping has long lasting residual effects. So much for 2-4 year bans, eh?

Turinabol profile

turinabol profile


turinabol profileturinabol profileturinabol profileturinabol profileturinabol profile