Turinabol kickstart dosage

Hi john
I’m on TRT myself what is a good test level to read that 800 is optimal for muscle developing is that accurate . What is your test level on TRT? Do you use arimadex during TRT or just when you doing a cycle .
My doctor won’t give me HGC but I can get it . How much and how opten do you use it ? Do you use it during a cycle or in between cycles . What do you recommend for oily skin and zits on my back from the test. You mention that you give blood often can you explain that in more detail. Thank you very much this is the best site I’ve come across I appreciate your honesty.

I ran the dbol for 3 weeks starting at 30mg/day for 1 week, 40mg/day for 1 week, then 50mg/d for the last week. In week one I couldn't tell a lot of difference in or out of the gym, I did pick up 3 lbs, but my weight fluxuates 1-3lbs weekly. The second week (around day 10) I started to notice really good pumps in my biceps post workout. It wasn't so much they pumped bigger it just seemed to stick around longer. And by the end of the second week my wife commented on my "pie-face" and asked me if I needed a benadryl because of some sort of allergic reaction. The last week the pumps were really good, I did start to get acne on my chest, and also I retained a lot of "female-like water weight". You know the kind that sits on your hips and around the lower back. That is actually why I didn't run it the full 4 weeks, I didn't like the watery love handles, that area is a problem for me and I am real self conscious about it. It was my first try with dbol, and while I did see some benefits I probably will not run it again.

Turinabol kickstart dosage

turinabol kickstart dosage


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