Tbol gains pics

Reviewed by a non-active member of Boy do I appreciate this source. I am doing a Test-E only cycle at 500mg/week, novice I know but have had an exceptional experience with this source and will be shopping again. I am half way through my twelve week cycle and honestly started feeling the affects within the 2nd week, and a measurable increase in week 4 of about 7 pounds. Endurance in the weight room has definitely improved and finally breaking through a long and horrible plateau. For a hard gainer like myself, the product this source has supplied has lived up to the expectations.

Also I realize you plan on running way more than I did on my cycle, so most likely you’ll destroy me in gains:) I’m sure I can’t answer any of your questions that you actually prolly do care about with running a high dose, but that’s why there are all the vets and big guys on here:) I’m new here hadnt posted anything and just saw you running something somewhat similar to what I had tried and had gotten excited and wanted to share, I’ll be interested to keep following the replies people have for you higher dose, and hopefully when you go on you’ll keep us posted!

Tbol gains pics

tbol gains pics


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