Tapering regimen steroids

Presently, (May, 2007) I can only see the “big E” with my right eye and I am now 20/60 in my left eye (best corrected). I also have to wear special magnifying glasses to read and a large screen monitor (with disability options) to use the computer. Nonetheless, some of my flare-ups are so bad that I can’t do anything at all except to just sit and “listen” to the television (I refer to this as my “suicide watch” time). Additionally, it can be very embarrassing during these times when I am out in public with my wife and I have to “tap around” with my foot to find the edge of a step or when I actually end up “missing” someone’s hand after they have extended it out for me to shake it.

Previous data and statistics for long-term prednisone users suggest that the risk and severity of side effects increase significantly in individuals who have a low serum albumin concentration. As a result of extensive research conducted by scientists, it has been observed that low serum concentration of albumin (less than g/ 100 ml) doubles the chances of adverse reactions to prednisone. This conclusion was drawn from the data collected by serial investigations of 240 admitted patients who were on a prednisone regimen for a variety of indications [1] .

Tapering regimen steroids

tapering regimen steroids


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