Sintesis esteroidea

Using as cut-off for EGFR a value of 5 fmol/mg prot., we can observed that IDCs – EGFR + had greater global values of S-phase (p: ) and were more frequently metastastatic (p: ), SP > 7% (p < ) and SP > 14% (p: ); likewise, they were lower frequently pS2-positive (p < ) and t-PA-positive (p < ). During the follow up time (median 85 months), the number of recurrences was higher in EGFR-positive than in EGFR- negative tumors (14/41 frente a 1/29; p: ), but there was not differences in the number of deaths by the tumor.

Dosis: Tx de Asma intenso y agudo: Aminofilina IV 6 mg/kg/20-30min seguida de1 dosis de sostén de mg/kg/hr. Tx de liberación rápida 3-4 mg/kg/6hr. IV: Adultos y adolescentes: Inicialmente mg/kg/hr no fumadores y mg/kg/hr fumadores. Niños 10-12 años: Inicialmente mg/kg/hr. Px con factores de riesgo paraun aclaramiento de teofilina reducido, las dosis normales se reducirán en un 50%: Niños 1-9 años: Inicialmente -1 mg/kg/hora. VO. Adultos y adolescentes: Inicialmente 10 mg/kg/día (DMáx: 300 mg/día) en dosis divididas cada 8-ños: Inicialmente 10 mg/kg/día (DMáx: 300 mg/día) en dosis divididas cada 8-12/hr.

Sintesis esteroidea

sintesis esteroidea


sintesis esteroideasintesis esteroideasintesis esteroideasintesis esteroideasintesis esteroidea