Non-steroid ointment for eczema

via A growing body of evidence links eczema to a host of other diseases including asthma, hay fever, food allergy, obesity, and heart disease, which suggests that body-wide inflammation may be at play. Given as an injection once every other week, Dupixent is a new eczema treatment that blocks two proteins thought to contribute to eczema and inflammation, Interleukin-4 and Interleukin-13. Dr. Lio uses it for individuals with moderate or severe eczema when the topical therapies are not helping enough. "It is a powerful medication that seems to give nearly 3/4 of my patient's great relief, and almost everyone at least some improvement," he says.

Another approach to treatment of small areas of vitiligo is the use of topical creams . These include corticosteroid creams or the topical immunomodulator, tacrolimus. Using medium and high strength topical corticosteroids for 1-4 months has been found to be the most effective and safest therapy for localized vitiligo. Steroid injections have also been used for the treatment of vitiligo. Steroids can be used twice daily for limited periods of time. Repigmentation of the vitiliginous area with topical corticosteroids is most likely to occur on hair bearing areas of the skin. However, corticosteroids should not be used for long periods of time, since they may lead to thinning of the skin, growth of blood vessels, and rashes.

My daugther has been using both creams every day since they arrived.  Two weeks ago, she went to her doctor again to check out how she was doing regading Lichen Skleroses. Her doctor didn't know anything about her using your products. After he was done with the  examination he called me into his office (my daugther was still there). He looked at us and said: " This must be some kind of a miracle . Your daugther doesn't have Lichen Scleroses at all. I don't understand it, so maybee I was wrong the first time she was here..."  He seemed a little confused about it all.

Non-steroid ointment for eczema

non-steroid ointment for eczema


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