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Riddle me this? How do two doctors send a diabetic home with steriods for an undisclosed condtion? And never did they mention and changes I might need to be aware of, being a diabetic. Not to menation, the fact that they couldn’t figure out or even consider psorisis now that I have learned more about it, it’s pretty common. I’m not a doctor and I wasn’t aware of this disease. What I have become aware of, is if you catch it early you can take steps to minimize the breakout hence pain. I’m considering taking further action.

Hi Jessica, My name is Kristina and I live in Western Pa. When I read what you wrote about the “episodes” and feeling of passing out and nausiousness, I can relate. I have been experiencing the same episodes. I have been living in a mold infested home for the last five years and I have become very weak achy and fatigued and have so many of the symptoms everyone has from biotoxins. I am curious to know what your outcome was and what you did to get better, being it is almost three years later now.
Kristina, from Westmoreland County, Pa

Why can’t we just leave nature alone. I too have broken out in blisters on my hands and head. Bad itching sores, as soon as I stopped smoking the contaminated growth regulator weed blisters gone .
Growers do it to bulk the plant, in essance to make more money. The whole idea of brothers getting high is crushed. Money is more important than anything anymore.
Growers get a grip, do the right thing because it is the right thing to your feliow head does not make you a great person.
Greed based system go to hell.

New steroid 700 growth

new steroid 700 growth


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