Long term corticosteroid use

Thank you for your article – I have suffered with hay fever since the birth of my first son – 16 years! ( not sure if its due to lower immunity after giving birth?) some times its so bad I’m literally locked in a dark room with wet cooling eye pads- its my only relief, I started using Prevalin Allergy last year and have to say my hay fever has stopped! its a revelation.. I recommend this product 100% its the only product I can say that’s truly worked for me, I don’t need tablets, nasal sprays or eye drops now! its great knowing it doesn’t contain drugs or steroids,… take a bit of getting used to as its a product lining your nose, a couple of days and you get used to it!
cant be worse than sneezing every five minutes and scratching your eyes out all day!

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For example, people undergoing dialysis face multiple challenges. First, they must cope with the loss of function of their kidneys. This is a devastating loss, which is often accompanied by a great deal of anxiety, depression, and grieving. Second, dialysis means adopting an entirely new lifestyle – one in which several days a week are devoted to treatment. Third, a majority of people in dialysis feel exhausted after the procedure, and cannot do anything strenuous the rest of the day. Fourth, they must accept strict dietary restrictions to maintain their health.

Long term corticosteroid use

long term corticosteroid use


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