East germany vs west germany

American German shepherds represent most of the international show lines of German shepherds and have a very sloped back and sharp angle in their hindquarters. The American lines tend to be longer and leaner than both types of German lines. British German shepherds have large bones and a long, straight body. Both British and American lines have calmer temperaments and lower energy requirements than the German lines. The Czech German shepherd lines have many similarities to the east German lines, and some consider them the same type of German shepherd. Other less known German shepherd lines are the white German shepherds (not albino) and long-haired German shepherds.

From the end of World War Two, divided Germany had become a focal point for the ongoing Cold War between East and West. While the World Cup in West Germany had been decided back in 1966, the early 1970s were full of political tensions that indirectly affected the 1974 World Cup: the USSR did not participate after they refused to play a play-off match against the newly installed Pinochet regime in Chile, and security during the tournament was intense after the Palestinian terrorist attacks at the Olympics Games in Munich two years before, as well as the fear of the German Rote Armee Fraktion , the terrorist Red Army Faction, more commonly known as the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

After World War II ended in Europe, the Third Reich has fallen. Germany was fall into chaos during Soviet occupied eastern portion of Germany. After that, the region of the Germany has been separated into East Germany which called "German Democratic Republic" and West Germany as the result of "Potsdam Agreement". However, in 1990 unification of East and West Germany called "German Reunification" which is officially ended the conflict between German people. This mod aim to create the fictional war between East Germany and West Germany during Cold War.

East germany vs west germany

east germany vs west germany