East german upper handguard

The Second Avenue Line serves to relieve congestion on the Lexington Avenue Line. The first phase of the line opened on January 1, 2017, consisting of three new stations and a renovated fourth station. The line terminates at 96th Street and connects to the BMT 63rd Street Line at Lexington Avenue–63rd Street station before continuing to 57th Street–Seventh Avenue on the BMT Broadway Line . [59] [60] The planned Second Avenue Line includes three additional phases to be built at a later date, which will extend the line north to 125th Street /Park Avenue in Harlem and south to Hanover Square in the Financial District , and a new T train will run its entire length. [61]

As a result of the redistribution of funds between states and the reliance on state level funding for schools' instructional needs, there is a fairly even distribution of financial resources between schools in former West Germany. This is reflected in the per pupil spending figures, which include budget expenditures comprised of both state and district funds. In 1993-94, per pupil spending in all of Germany averaged 9, DM ($4,485). The average per pupil spending in South State was 10, DM ($4,876), in Central State 9, DM ($4,787), and in East State 7, DM ($3,762) ( Statistisches Bundesamt 1995).

East german upper handguard

east german upper handguard


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