East german team yankee

Weapons and vehicles that either weren’t funded, or weren’t fully developed because of budget reasons might end up taking the field, as wartime needs overrule budgetary concerns. I know I did some research previously, and the US in particular had serveral SPAA missile launch systems that were canceled for budget reasons around that time period. The US never really prioritized those systems because doctrine often required air superiority by the air force, and any remaining threats could be dealt with either by stationary SAMs (Patriot) or by modifications like strapping Stinger Missiles to things like M2 Bradleys.

American Air Defence: Guns Vs Missiles: "First to Fire"
With the forces released two years ago in the Team Yankee release, the US & USSR forces got their core units and the game system kicked off with a selection of equipment. US got their heavy Armor, while the Soviets got more middle of the road gear, with a few surprises. With Red Thunder released, the USSR upgraded to a heavier and more advanced Tank, the T-64, while also bringing in heavier AT & AA missile systems, Storm & Gecko. Stripes is now filling out the US forces with a wider range of Formation and Unit types, filling out your Force with Formations for angry Heavy Infantry, medium Tanks, Air-mobile Infantry and heaps of great new 80's gear to load up and roll out with.

East german team yankee

east german team yankee


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