East german music

OBSERVER – ‘ may also be one of the 10 best Krautrock albums ever released’   RECORD COLLECTOR MAGAZINE  – ‘ mind-blowing in its invention and beauty – one of the releases of the year’   BBC RADIO THREE  –  ‘ extraordinary’    MO JO MAGAZINE –  ‘these space rock symphonies are exceptional’   SPIN MAGAZINE  –  ‘a goldmine of tightly-wound Krautrock and trippy electronic fantasias’   DANGEROUS MINDS  –  ‘it all pulses, drones, and bleeps like the Krautrockers that inspired Zeichnete, but feels even more like a transmission from a lost universe’

The Supreme Council of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference awarded all of German East Africa (GEA) to Britain on 7 May 1919, over the strenuous objections of Belgium. [25] : 240 The British colonial secretary , Alfred Milner , and Belgium's minister plenipotentiary to the conference, Pierre Orts , then negotiated the Anglo-Belgian agreement of 30 May 1919 [26] : 618–9 where Britain ceded the north-western GEA provinces of Ruanda and Urundi to Belgium. [25] : 246 The conference's Commission on Mandates ratified this agreement on 16 July 1919. [25] : 246–7 The Supreme Council accepted the agreement on 7 August 1919. [26] : 612–3

Recent studies produced by historians Christian Booß and Helmut Müller-Enbergs also show domestic surveillance in East Germany went far beyond the Stasi's network of IMs. The two work at the BStU and not long ago, they happened across Stasi informant groups into which hardly any research has been conducted. They found that institutions in which people provided information about others were categorized as POZW -- which stood for "Partner in Political-Operative Cooperation." In contrast to IMs feeding information to the Stasi, these people were not forced to sign a document obliging them to pass along information. But they did so nonetheless. Numerous POZW reports are still in existence -- from banks, for example, or libraries, hospitals, registration offices and judiciary agencies.

East german music

east german music


east german musiceast german musiceast german musiceast german musiceast german music