East german fashion

Important modeling agency locations in Germany are Berlin ( izaio, Seeds Models, Viva Models, OneEins ), Munich ( Louisa Models , Most Wanted Models, Munich Models , Nova Models, Talents München, Vivienne Models ) and Hamburg ( iconic management, m 4 models, Mega Models, Model Management , Modelwerk , Most Wanted Models, Place Models, PMA Models ). Also agencies in Vienna and Zurich host models based in Germany, as well as major global agencies like IMG Models , DNA , Elite , Models 1 and NEXT . [14]

We were no heroes, no dissidents. We have a more relaxed view of the GDR. We know the difference between the political system and our private experience and don't feel insulted if the GDR is called an Unrechtsstaat (dictatorship). We know our past, but the majority of our life has been spent in the unified Germany. We might be generally poorer and therefore believe more in social justice and the welfare state, because our parents did not have the advantage of saving the amounts of money that the children of the booming West German economy had. We might be a little bit more direct and we are willing to make an impact. Even if we don't like solyanka .

East german fashion

east german fashion


east german fashioneast german fashioneast german fashioneast german fashioneast german fashion