East german ddr ak 47

The border guards came and shone their flashlights in the migrants' faces. Eharai says that he begged the men to take his dying mother to a hospital. He screamed for help, but it was useless. The four border guards were armed with AK-47 assault rifles. "They punched me in the stomach until I collapsed, and then they threw my mother's lifeless body into the back of their Toyota pickup," he says. According to Eharai, the guards laughed and shouted that this time they had only shot only one "dirty Afghan," whereas they had killed eight the week before.

I don’t think its swiss as it just doesn’t look right for that either. The mag has little to do with it and you’ll find that there were a number of other developments going on throughout WWII in Germany and other countries as well. Could be Hungarian for that matter. The locking system doesn’t look like any of the swiss systems I’ve seen but the complete gun looks much like the MP40 series and could easily be a development by ERMA or one of their engineers. The thing is gas operated which is not only stated but is obvious by looking at the parts. There is a piston, a port assembly and a carrier which locks and unlocks the bolt by camming it down into a shoulder just behind the magwell. When you look at arms developments throughout the war you see lots of oddball arrangements like the MKb42(w) and the Knorr-Bremse which are not well known but still existed. Offhandly stating that the rifle is swiss without any evidence to back that up is as bad as the guys who claim it is a prototype StG45. If it were Swiss I imagine there would be proofs of some sort. Even prototypes of some pretty obscure types were proofed in Switzerland. On the other hand production guns in Hungary had few proofs of any type….its hard enough sometimes just to find the serial number. Romanian stuff is similar…..why not just claim its romanian?

East german ddr ak 47

east german ddr ak 47


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