East german beret

Sandbag each Hasty Fighting Position (HFP) and/or each permanent position.   Two rows, waist high (minimum) as long as the tallest member of your household + 1 sandbag length.  If you’re on the second floor or higher, don’t forget to sandbag two layers on the floor under you (for rounds coming through the floor).  Make sure you’re set back (muzzle not protruding) from your window/firing port positions.  Also, watch your silhouetting!  If you can do it, fire around the sides of walls, sandbagged positions, vehicles, etc., not over them!  Success depends in MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) on picking targets and accurately engaging them while not exposing yourself to prolonged return fire.  Remember: if you can see him, he could see you!

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East german beret

east german beret


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