Crossfit games athletes on steroids

When applying this principle to training, there are three important points to consider. (1) This is not a universal principle. There will be female athletes with a much higher proclivity for strength and power, and male athletes who are naturally endurant, but do not easily develop strength. This will be dependent primarily on their athletic background and genetic predisposition. In other words, it’s pretty much out of your hands. (2) The differences in training should be relatively minor, except in very extreme cases. Male and female athletes training should generally be similar, with only a few changes here and there to account for general and individual differences. (3) The higher level the athlete, the more true this distinction is likely to be. Newer athletes without particularly glaring imbalances should generally utilize a well rounded program, designed to develop abilities in all domains of the sport.

While in college, to fulfill my active lifestyle, I was luckily able to participate in many intramural sports and community clubs, allowing me to have an outlet for my competitive drive. After graduation, the real world was upon me, which consisted mostly of work and no play. Then, not long after moving to San Diego, my husband found CrossFit while in the Navy. He tried talking me into giving it a shot. I was definitely skeptical at first, especially hearing about all the strenuous weight lifting (what about my knee??) and pull-ups (I have no upper body strength!). After weeks of him insisting I go, I finally relented. Thank goodness I did! I found the competitive outlet, team camaraderie, and community I had been missing. Before I knew it, I was the one talking other friends and family into giving CrossFit a shot.

Crossfit games athletes on steroids

crossfit games athletes on steroids


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