Anabolic diet carb up menu

The effect of eating carbs strategically is simple. Any carbs consumed raise your insulin level which normally leads to increased energy levels or storing fat. Here is a short video in which Jennifer Elliott, an Australian dietitian, explains such effects of insulin. However, post-workout carbs may have an anabolic effect and stimulate muscle growth (depending on the workout and intensity). This doesn't mean that you need to eat carbs if you want to gain muscles. Unless you aim for a significant muscle gain, post-workout carbs are not needed.

We’re going to be using our bulletproof morning (Bulletproof Coffee or Ferriss’ Tea) to increase fat levels while also putting us into a quick ketogenic response.  In doing this, we’re also going to be utilizing intermittent fasting, but it will actually be intermittent keto fasting due to the fat intake from the coffee or tea.  This will allow us to get all the benefits of the fast, while also getting the benefits of keto.  As for our diet, aside from our morning drink, we’ll be following the Paleo Diet (but keeping it low-carb and doing our best to stray away from fruits and high carb vegetables like sweet potatoes).  It’s best to shoot for a carb intake as low as 20-40g per day depending on training.  Following this, we’re going to be incorporating our carb reloads 1-2 days a week which will allow us to receive the benefits of increasing our insulin, but also keeping it low the rest of the week for an increase growth hormone response.  We will also be working on our sleep health to further increase our testosterone levels and overall peak performance to supercharge this diet.

“So I would say keto is OK — not great — but it’s OK during peaking phases where volume is very low and you’re having a very high intensity effort as opposed to high volume,” says Dr. Mike Israetel , an assistant professor of nutrition, exercise science, and public health at Temple University and co-founder of Renaissance Periodization . “The higher the total volume of work you perform in training, the more you’re going to rely on glycogen and carbohydrate to potentiate that performance. In strength sports, because the work is typically not as high in duration, people can get away with lower carbs in general.”

Anabolic diet carb up menu

anabolic diet carb up menu


anabolic diet carb up menuanabolic diet carb up menuanabolic diet carb up menuanabolic diet carb up menuanabolic diet carb up menu